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Hi, guys! My name is Jordyn Getz. I am a nutritionist that has graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and ever since I graduated, I have helped a lot of people in changing and improving their eating habits and their lifestyles as well.

Food is a fuel for our bodies so everyone should choose carefully what he or she eats. I can tell you for sure that if you eat proper (nutritive) food, your whole life can be changed in a positive way. You will think better, sleep better and move better if you pay attention to what you put into your mouth.

Nowadays, the entire society struggles with health issues related to food whether it is an eating disorder (such as bulimia or anorexia) or obesity and overweight. The first thing every person that battles with excess weight should do is to consider changing his or her lifestyle. Or in other words, change their eating habits. And how one should do that? I am here to help you with that.

As I have a background in personal training, I have seen many people that are dedicated to their healthy lifestyles, people that are dedicated to both their trainings and their healthy food selections. And you know what? None one of them ever said that he or she feels bad. They have all actually felt really great and had a healthy glowing face. It is all because, in case you did not know, food can both make you very ill and cure you. If you keep asking yourself why is that, the answer is pretty simple. The answer is in the food choices you make every day. And it is much easier when you plan your daily meals according to your needs – and I can certainly help you with that whether you want to lose weight to look prettier (and be more self-confident) or you just want to eat healthier food than you do right now.

None of us should forget that love is the force that keeps us going through life. Be ready to change yourself to be able to love yourself. To be able to love the skin you are in and to be able to love your body for the years to come.

We have all seen many rich people that treat themselves with expensive cars, houses that look like fortresses, but most of them do not know what a real treat is. When we treat ourselves with proper food, our bodies are richer than the people with lots of money – and happier as well. By treating our bodies, we create a bond with ourselves. The first step to do this is to make sure you feed your body the way you should. And your body will thank you by making your skin look nicer, by helping your brain think faster and sharper and by letting your body sleep better.

This is the right way to live a healthy and fulfilling life. And I will be more than happy to help you in reaching your goal.

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